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Popular Spoken Sentences


About the book:

  • Thousands of students, guardians, businessmen, media persons, sportsmen, job-holders, bankers, housewives as well as professionals have lifted their level of English language with the help of this book.
  • A good spoken book really helps and guides the students improve their level of English.
  • It’s also useful for the learners whose first language is not English.
  • Most of the students have improved their base of English language successfully by reading this book.
  • Many schools, as well as English language institutes have made this book as their course material to teach the students in an easy and fast way.



  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level course materials.
  • Very useful collection of formal and informal sentences.
  • Many conversational sentences.
  • Sentences picked from everyday conversation.
  • A good stock of spoken sentences.
  • Topic-wise sentences based on various situations.
  • Useful for the preparation of speech, assembly presentation and debates.

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