Birgunj, Sept 21,

Breaking the old record of Raghuvir Gangjibhai Dayatar from Gujarat, who had walked 17.68 m (58 feet) and made the FARTHEST DISTANCE WALKED ON TOE KNUCKLES in July of 2018, Narayan Acharya of Nawalparasi, Nepal has claimed to have made a new record of 32.9 m in Birgunj on the occasion of Constitution Day of Nepal, on 20th Sept., 2019.

Acharya is the man who has already made two records in extinguishing many candles with fingers in one minute and learning the names of most random objects by heart in a sequence.

25 years old Acharya, who weighs 75.9, is currently a dentist in profession in Birgunj.

Dr. Rubees Prajapati, engineer Priyanshu Kumar Gupta, Dr. Sagar Mainali, Dr. Aamir Alam, Dr. Harish Shah among many others were present to witness the attempt of Acharya.

Dr. Harish Shah was the host and Dr. Rubees Prajapati was the timekeeper of the event.

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