General Rules

  1. Any student from grade 10 currently studying in govt. schools can participate.
  2. Any children or relatives of any staff of cannot participate.
  3. Only online forms will be taken within the fixed dateline; no offline or paper forms will be entertained.
  4. The first screening for selection of deserving candidates will be selected from demo of students only in presence of some screening jury members one after another.
  5. Different dates and time for different schools at different venues will be updated on the website only.
  6. It’s sole responsibility of an individual student to be updated about date, time, or other notice about the speech competition. No second chance will be given to any candidate.
  7. Popularsys will not contact any candidate personally about any update.
  8. The competition will be held on …………. (………day) in presence of other teachers, children, participating students and jury members at……………..Birgunj.
  9. Three winners will be awarded with cash prize and a certificate. Cash money prize for the first, second and third winners is Rs. 5000.00; Rs. 3000.00 and Rs. 2000.00 respectively. They will be awarded after the declaration of winners on the same day.
  10. Organizer ( reserves all rights to cancel, postpone, or reschedule the competition with or without prior notice.
  11. A format or module for the selected candidates will be posted on (date) on
  12. All the applicants must submit their participation forms before…… 12 pm. No application will be entertained afterwards.
  13. Applicants should attach the scanned documents online. They will be asked to submit the original NOL and letter of interest latter.
  14. You need to provide valid email ID, so that we can send you confirmation code useful for the competition.
  15. The speech competition will be held only in English, in which a participant will be speaking only for 3 minutes (min.) and 5 minutes (max).
  16. The selected candidates will be judged on the basis of ‘a. Fluency, b. Grammar, c. Confidence (body-language, eye-contact, gesture-posture, etc.), d. Pronunciation, e. Points on the given Topic.’
  17. List of topics will be given to the qualified candidates only from which a bench of juries may give the topic randomly for the final competition.
  18. The students willing to participate can start preparing from Popular Spoken Sentences, Popular Small Steps and Popular English Translation Books.
  19. Girls and differently-abled students are encouraged to participate.