About Speech Competition

  1. The inter-school speech competition will be conducted in three phases.
    1. First Screening Demo
    2. Second Round
    3. Third and Final Round
  2. The First Screening Demo (FSD) will be among the students of the same school in the same school on a particular day from which only 6 students will be selected. The six students will be selected from conversation in English between two competent students.
  3. The English subject teacher will be one of the other judges in FSD.
  4. The Second Round (SR) will be among the selected competent students from different schools. Only two students from one school will be selected for Third and Final Round.
  5. The SR will be held in a school near from the participating schools.
  6. Third and Final Round will be held in Birgunj on a particular day. The students selected for final round will have to give speech on a topic for 3 minutes (min.) to 5 minutes (max.).
  7. Three winners will be awarded with cash prize and a certificate. Cash money prize for the first, second and third winners is Rs. 5000.00; Rs. 3000.00 and Rs. 2000.00 respectively. They will be awarded after the declaration of winners on the same day.
  8. It’s sole responsibility of an individual student to be updated about date, time, or other notice about the speech competition. No second chance will be given to any candidate.
  9. Popularsys will not contact any candidate personally about any update.
  10. The selected candidates will be judged on the basis of ‘a. Fluency, b. Grammar, c. Confidence (body-language, eye-contact, gesture-posture, etc.), d. Pronunciation, e. Points on the given Topic.’